We are updating our website. Keep an eye on us. ~8789 Auburn Folsom Rd in Granite Bay. 916.608.4216
We are updating our website. Keep an eye on us. ~8789 Auburn Folsom Rd in Granite Bay. 916.608.4216
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Wow! What a week it's been!

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We started our online adventure (yes, adventure, not venture) just over a week ago, and what an exciting time it has been.  The shop has been closed since mid March and it's been tough.  We have such a great and loyal following and our customers began to direct message us via facebook and instagram looking for gifts.  It was the start of a new world and way of doing business.

We had toyed with the idea of having more than a website that just talked about Michaelangelo's and pointed to our social media sites.  March 19th, 3:00PM pushed us in a new direction.  It was the third day after a National Emergency was declared, business at the shop had dried up, and we knew that a lockdown was inevitable.  We weren't even meeting overhead at this point, so we closed our doors.  Honestly, it was a bit emotional because we put our all into the success of Michaelangelo's.  We had just celebrated our 5 years in business, with 2 years coming up of us being in Roseville.  The unknown, along with the tragedy playing out on a global scale, was a lot weighing on us.

Fast forward a month.  A lot of work, a lot of learning, a lot of patience by our mentor young Cooper, and still facing unknowns...we rolled out our new website.  We blasted our news out to everyone we knew; our customers, friends, family, and anyone who would listen.  We quickly learned all about shipping, postage integration, packing, and soon turned our living room into a warehouse/shipping department as the orders came in.  

Today...we are grateful.  We are grateful for all of you who have stood by and supported us.  We are grateful for all of our new customers who we hope have found a reliable source for their gift needs.  

We look forward to what lies ahead, and to opening our doors again.

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